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Technical Support Service

Mega Heaters is an engineering company that offers a wide range of services. One of these services is the Mega service team. This team is available islandwide and it’s their job to help you out with any heating or cooling issue you might have.

The Mega service team partners with our team of service partners and together they can provide all sorts of services for your home or office, no matter what the problem might be. They offer a range of support services for all types of heating systems.

Why Choose Mega Heaters

Mega Heaters (Pvt) Ltd today is far beyond our humble beginnings in the late 70’s. Our business focus has expanded dramatically from initially being only the manufacturer of immersion water heaters for the consumer market to designing systems for both the industrial and commercial markets and finally grown to become the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of immersion water heaters, industrial heating elements & thermocouple sensors.
Innovation Technology
The Industrial is responsible for doing innovative products to support households and industries who need heating equipment
Qualified Engineers
Our Aim Is to Keep the House Clean – Your Aim Will Help! the through Digital Innovation World Summit.
Extended Warranty
We provide an extended warranty for our products to gain more trust and improve more in quality.
Awarded Company
We have 15 Plus awards for serving customers with our products and the valued award we receive is the love and trust we get from our customers.