Thermocouple & RTD Extension Cables

What is Thermocouple Wire?

Thermocouple cable or extension grade cable is recommended to be used to connect thermocouples to the sensing or control instrumentation. The conditions of measurement determine the type of thermocouple cable and insulation to be used. Temperature range, environment, insulation requirements, response, and service life should be considered.

Wire Size of Thermocouple: Selecting the wire size used in the thermocouple sensor depends upon the application. Generally, when longer life is required for the higher temperatures, the larger size wires should be chosen. When sensitivity is the prime concern, the smaller sizes should be used.

Thermocouple Colour Codes: Thermocouple wiring is colour coded by thermocouple types. Different countries utilize different colour coding. Jacket colouring is sometimes a coloured stripe instead of a solid colour as shown.

Bare Thermocouple Wire

Bare thermocouple wires are available for the element types K, T, J, S, B, R and tungsten-rhenium type C. Bare thermocouple wires are used when an insulation of the legs is not necessary, or if the temperature is very high so that normally used materials do not withstand. For an

Bare Thermocouple Wire