About Mega Heaters

Company Profile

Mega heaters (PVT) Ltd is a manufacturer of industrial and immersion heaters and was established in 1976.

In the initial years the company has focused on manufacturing of immersion water heaters for the use of house hold as it only focused on the consumer market. Over the period of time with our experience and the recognition we received, the company has moved in to the industrial sector and finally grown to become the industry leader in manufacturing Industrial Heating technology.

With expertise and the new technologies, the company has diversify of its product range from immersion water heaters to industrial heating elements including, oven elements, oil heaters, air heaters, cartridge heaters, steam boiler elements, defrost heaters, heating plates, mica strips and band heaters, tubular heaters, kettle elements, water boilers, warmers, milk warmers milk pasteurizers, rice boilers, temperature controllers, and thermocouples etc..

From our entroprinial spirit, which began in 1976 as a self-motivated project and the brand name MEGA was sealed. The major scope of activity of Mega Heaters (Pvt) Ltd was the production of immersion and industrial heaters.

The heaters manufactured by Mega are giving a series of benefits to its own customers and the end users of the products. As our products are made out of the world renewed raw material using latest technology they are of the characteristics of reducing heat losses, Damage resistant, and Eco friendly. The designs always user friendly which gives additional benefits to the users.

Managing Director’s word of mouth is “Customer is the king of Mega” which proves and shows the way the after self-services gives for the customers and the benefits which was allocated only for mega customers. Free electrical installation and the warranty is some of them.

For over 30 years, MEGA has and continues to be a name synonymous with immersion heaters in Sri Lanka. Besides a full line of water heaters, are our core product, and our MEGA range of products has expanded to include products for industrial and commercial applications such as all kind of industrial heaters now manufacture under Mega brand.

Our Research & Development department plays a key role in bringing new products and adding product features in to our existing product range making us more completive in the market. These new and highly innovative proprietary products have strengthened the company's market share and keep us ahead of our competitors.

Our corporate headquarters and modern manufacturing facilitated factory is located in no 691. Station Road, Kottawa, Pannipitiya. We employ around 150 workers of different categories. Our manufacturing plant is well equipped and our staff specially recruited and trained to maximize productivity and economy to achieve our high standards and set to meet customer requests. We strive to provide the best possible service, technology, knowledge, and facilities for the benefit for our customers and serve the country’s economic development as a proud Sri Lanka company.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a worldwide industry leader in our core competencies.

Our Mission

  • Customers
  • To build and maintain a loyal customer based through dedicated customer service To provide our customers with broad based industry knowledge expertise and products. The requirements and demands of our customers with regard to product specifications cost performance ratio, and service determine our actions.

  • Employees
  • To support a human resource program that provides ongoing training and development of all employees. To create an internal work environment that supports teamwork safety and quality control. To demonstrate respect for our staff members, improve and assist their individual and professional development and provide for of their safety at work.

  • Suppliers
  • To cultivate a friendly professional relationship with our suppliers and air at a long term collaboration.

  • Quality
  • To maintain strict quality control standards in all manufactured products. To promote continuous improvement in all existing product lines and develop and market a wide range of quality products through a commitment to research and development. We attribute highest significance to the quality of our products and processes and therefore commit ourselves to the principle of continuous improvement.

  • Growth
  • To Profit Oriented activities ensure our business independence and development.